February 03, 2009

craft paper portraits

This is a detail of my last portrait on craft. I've started using craft paper here in Mauritania as its easily available and resistent. I use a piece of charcoal first to place the head or figure on the paper and then acrylics. I'll work from a photo or from a memory . As I leave large areas unpainted those areas tend to wave and curl due to the action of paint and water on the paper and brings to mind the desert sand.

They measure 1,22 x0.92 cm and some of them I work more than others. I specially like when they stay between a sketch and the begginning of a painting. Mostly are from moors, the Mauritanian community I know better. I spend at least a month each year living in a small village with a family sketching their daily activities.
But in 2006 I did a Peul (one of the african ethnies found in Mauritania) in her wedding custom, Mariam, she went to the opening night and everybody kept asking her to have her photo taken beside the painting. You can check that photo and some of the other works at



  1. really like your work!! i can see a lot of experince in that face!! great!!

  2. The mood of his face in enchanting, great technique!

  3. Wow, you're good!


  4. Wow... love the way you rendered the lips. You are a true artist who does not limit himself with the materials but with only what he chooses not to do.

  5. Son preciosos! qué profundidad de carácter! qué placer también el retratar estos personajes! ... y qué valiente usar papel craft!!! ;-)

  6. thanks for all your comments Sheila, Cati and Bill