April 30, 2010

come to our party at Dar Barka

 A small languages center at the ''Première'' neighborhood in Nouakchott. Hermann and I were invited by Mehden my Hassania teacher. 
The students had organised this party to celebrate the Center and show the neighbors and guests how their English was improving.
Speeches were made, thanking the teachers and Mehden, who's behind the opening of this Center. Mehden also works for Caritas and is a an animator in one of Nouakchott prison's.
 Taleb a Kung Fu master made a demonstration with his students and the public was impressed and hilarious.
Thanks to all students for their warm welcome.

April 19, 2010

smoking and tents

I'm a non smoker. Can you just imagine this dinner in a windowless room with shimering disco walls but the food was great, José!

Draw me, said the little girl, Awa.
So I did her in my sketchbook and again in a piece of paper she found so she could take it home. Her and her three friends.
 I was sketching the "twiza", group of women that get together to do a work, here they were sewing the sides of a tent someone had just bought.
If you're looking for a Mauritanian tent , these ladies have their place just close to the Moroccan Mosque.

Vitor and José some of the few Portuguese living in Nouakchott.

April 15, 2010


 Sidi Yahyia, Mauritanian painter exhibits at the Moroccan Cultural Center in Nouakchott

April 12, 2010

On the cover of Citymag

  Citymag, a free magazine with plenty of information on what's going on in Nouakchott and Mauritania in general, chose one of my portraits that will be on show next month at the French Cultural Center for their front cover. Merci, Bruno.

April 10, 2010

party and Nkc

April 05, 2010

urban sketching symposium

click on the image to be taken to the symposium blog where you'll find plenty of information. As you can see I will be leaving the the tranquility and the heat of the Sahara to travel to the New World... what will I be sketching?