November 24, 2010

too busy...

In the last three months drawing hasn't been my priority.
 I've moved to a new house and we have set the Gallery and shop I run with a friend on it. Lots of scraping, cleaning and painting have been happening as well as ordering all the furniture from local manufacturers. The results are great and you can visit the blog of the Gallery here.
The house is almost finished and we have two rooms that will be helping to cover the costs but I haven´t yet touched my painting studio. Its in the garage and all my material is piled up waiting to be sorted...plenty of ideas in my head, dying to get back there.


  1. Good luck with your house and gallery. The gallery space looks beautiful

  2. Good luck with everything. Love these sketches.

  3. Beautiful sketches, all! I really enjoy seeing these snippets of life around you. They take me to your part of the world. Thanks!