September 08, 2011

Oysters and landscapes of France

 On a short visite to France my partner and I were invited to visit a friend for lunch in the charming fishing village of Port de Barques in the Charente Maritime.

 I was very impressed with the Carrelets,  a square net locals use to fish shrimps from small huts on stilts...beautiful.
And nicer but in a different way was the enormous plate of oysters our friend served us for lunch, délicieux, merci ma copine.

 But the oysters you see above are not the ones from my friend but the ones my sister in law got us the  day after. We all drove to Port de la Guittiére  to buy them. Another small village with superb views.

Unspoiled nature in this region along the Atlantique coast.


  1. Interesujące. Pozdrawiam.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Makes one feel like to travel :-) bjs Miranda