May 17, 2014

More artistes from the DAK'ART 2014

Abdulaye Konate at the Galerie Manege

The parade by the artists from Benin

Solly Cissé at the Hotel de Ville

school children visiting the Village de la Biennale

Kathryn Wysocki Gunsch and Gemma Rodrigues talking at the installation of Candice Breitz

Mamdy Seydy at Toucouleur, sculptures

Espace Medina with Moussa Traoré et Jesus Ahedo

Justine Gaga, installation and Jesus Ahedo from Gallery Kalao in Bilbao

May 13, 2014

visiting Dakar and the Biennale - DAK'ART 2014

discussions artists and curators

Village de Joe Ouakan- Issa Samba

Opening of the International exhibition at the Musée Theodore Monod

In the gardens of the Musée Theodore Monod

Galerie National - Moustapha Dibé

left - Sylvain Sankalé,  critique d'art. right- installation of the work of the artistes of Benin. Le bois sacrée.

May 05, 2014

Spanish class in Casa das Artes

Carmen teaching Spanish 
One of the highlights of my short trip to Portugal,sketching my mother teaching Spanish to a small group of fellow pupils at Casa das Artes.
Casa das Artes provides lots of activities like theatre, painting and music but also runs a small school for retired people with languages, philosophy and history being some of the subjects taught.
They also have a restaurant with vegetarian and local food at very good prices. My mother always eats there when she goes there as a teacher or as a pupil.