October 28, 2016

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October 03, 2016

El Medh chez Mohamed Ali

In a roof at Arafat
El Medh, songs of praise for the prophet
El Medah, he that sings the songs 
Thursday night on a rooftop on the neighborhood of Arafat, Nouakchott.
An invitation to celebrate the birth of a little girl. After a wonderful dinner, the music started. Most of the people on the roof men and women were singers of Medh, the songs of praise for the prophet Mohamed.
Two drums, voices and the hands clapping, beautiful.
Mohamed Ali, the host is in charge of the Festival of Medh that happens every year in Nouakchott during Ramadan. He organises musique in different neighborhoods and in the city center at the Village de la Biodivérsité.

Here's a link for a video from this years Festival enjoy.