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September 16, 2014

Leila's Restaurant

Leila's Restaurant, Tevragh Zeina
Leila has a small restaurant where everyday she prepares a local dish for lunch.
 Tiep Bou Dien, rice with fish and vegetables, Mafé, white rice with meat in a peanut sauce, Yassa special sauce made with onions and lemon juice served with chicken or fish on white rice and a few more. like soupou kandje. (the links are to the recipes of this dishes if you want to try at home ).

September 13, 2014

bits and odds of a summer in Nouakchott

Chinese dinner- Hot Pot

meeting at Tfeila

Sangu Delle

Aissata Lam

Invisible Borders at Zeinart

Meeting new people, seeing Mauritanian youth doing things , meeting artists from other African countries, finding China in Africa, Japanese boat on the beach and the presence of law enforcement everywhere.

September 12, 2014

aniversários, 25 de Abril e bares

Capitão de Abril

Emissão rádio

Zé e Ana

Teresa e Fabrice com bigode


Ana na cozinha

Bar do Kim, Portimão

Bolan Bar, Alvor

January 22, 2014

visiting Umbrete and Jerona, Spain

celebrations in Umbrete

Virgen de la Consolacion, Umbrete
church hour
nuns and streets
Plaza de la Iglesia
preparing for the party 
Rosi and food 
Ramon in Jerena 
Taberna Galeria La Bomba, Jerena
dressed up children
Hot August month visiting a friend in Southern Spain, small villages with plenty of churches, snails season and lots of other good food. Summer time night activities with parades were the locals dressed in traditionnel custums and retold the stories of the foundations of the villages

May 27, 2013

lawyers and human rights

waiting for everyone to arrive
introduction and first case about what's happening to the nomads in Mali

three more cases, in USA, Mauritania and Aguel'hoc

defending two Mauritanian in Guantenamo for 10 years 

defending Aliaa Magda Elmahdy
Organised by the National Council of Lawyers ( Ordre National des Avocates) and the International Institute for Human Rights and Peace a kind of contest was organised in Nouakchott. Eight lawyers from Mauritania, France, Sénegal, Marocco and Mali had to defend a real and recent case of violation of Human Rights. This could be done in French or Arabic. It took place at the IFM ( French Institute) as they weren't allowed to do it at the Palais de Justice.
A great morning spending listening how each lawyer defended in oratory the case he had chosen. Some  of them I was familier with others like the case of the sale of the Hopi masks defended by Maitre Olivier Yacoub I had not heard about.
The winner was Maître Youssouf Ould Abdallahi that presented the case of two Mauritanian men kept at Guantanamo for more than ten years,  Mohamedou Ould Sellahi and Ahmed Ould Abdel Aziz and pressed charges against the the people who have been able to imprison people with no trials or defense.
The second place went to Maître Delphine Manuel-Lauriano who presented the case of Allia Magda Elmahdi an Egyptian women who used her body as a cry against a regime the believes women have no right to protest. ( today in exile she continues her struggle for women's rights you can visit her blog here in english and araabic and with lots of drawings and photos of women using their bodies to protest).
 A booklet with all the cases was printed in French and Arabic. Great iniciative look forward for next years one. You can read more about it here in French

May 25, 2013

Hanane, African fusion

Hanane at work 
Hanane is preparing a  new collection of jewellery inspired by the african beads for my gallery zeinart
I call it a sort of fusian because its very modern and it has an oriental touch as well.
I wanted to sketch her since I had seen her at work more than a year ago and saw the big glass instrument she wears to work on the smaller bits and pieces. Its always something odd about people that makes me want to sketch them, can be an element of their clothing, an instrument or action at work or just something about them.

April 28, 2013

Haidara Mauritanian artist

Hussein Haidara in his studio
Hussein Haidara its having his first solo show on the 7th Mai at the IFM in Nouakchott. Sculptures and paintings are being shown. Haidara's materiels are recycled mostly from nature, his sculptures have as their final layers different parts of the date palm tree.
 His work turns always around the notion of evil and the capacity of men to do violence toward others for political, religious or racial motifs.

March 26, 2013

Portraits, aqui e ali

Antonin Huchet, sculpteur


fancy dress

still working



airport Casablanca


February 25, 2013

Rony Brauman à Nouakchott


public and speaker

question time

January 28, 2013


Michel Pierre on Sahara 

October 27, 2012

Mix and match

Tadiazt in concert before leaving to the refugee camps

poetry at sunset

Amano ag Issa

writers and publishers

Attaher and Aisha from Tadiazt

fresh orange juice at sunset

best pizza in town, Nouakchott

getting high listening to Tadiazt
a mix and match of images done here and there in Nouakchott, Mauritania. And the best pizza discovered a couple of weeks ago at Chez Antoine