October 31, 2017

Pierre and Michele, France and Sihan, Tunisia (living in Nouakchott)

So many foreigners live and work in Mauritania. From a few months to a few years to a lifetime. Some being first or second generation.  Some come by choice others are life circumstances that brought them here others never wanted to leave or keep coming back. Let's draw them.

Fondation VGL, Mauritanie
Pierre and Michele they're retired but they choose to come to Mauritania every year for long months and work at Fondation VGL. They're responsible of labeling and cataloguing the whole collection of VGL. From postcards and photos to prehistoric pieces, from stamps to  chests and old jewelry.
VGL aim is to enhance, conserve and safeguard Mauritania's cultural and historical heritage for future generations.

Cup-cake Nkc
Sihan from Tunisia runs Cupcake (they've this beautiful page in facebook with all their sweets).
I don't know much about Sihan apart that she loves reading and that her pastry shop works as a book exchange place. But what I know is that is the best cake shop in town and she's well known for her cheese cakes.

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  1. Fascinating! Looks like you are talented at discovering and exploring, as well as an artist.Thanks.


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