January 12, 2009

what's sketchcrawl ?

I didn't think about explaining what's a "sketchcrawl", Someone called Enrico Casarosa started it in S.Francisco. He started going out for a whole day sketching, anything and everything, breakfast leftovers, cats, the neighbours house, to streets, museums, whatever. Then he started doing it with some fellow artists and then the thought came to make it worldwide. So once every 3/4 months in a specific days people organise themselves in the forums of sketchcrawl and they get together to draw in one day.

And Mauritania started it this Saturday just five of us but we hope to be more next time.

This is me sketching my friends.

Sidi Yahya on the left and Bechir.


Mehdi, 11 years old.

And the four of them hard at work, all of us Mauritanian style, that means sitting down with the chairs Sidi provided from his "children's art school".


  1. Isabel, Having a friend or two to draw with, that is wonderful. I have one friend like that. He draws and I paint. Different styles, but still friends. I love seeing your world in your sketches.

  2. Em tempos conheci uma Isabel Fiadeiro na Praia da Rocha,será que és tu?
    Ela tinha o cabelo muito loiro e encaracolado,passeava na praia com um chapéu de marinheiro.(deviamos ter 16 anos)

    Parabéns pelo teu trabalho


  3. Sou eu Margarida mas tens que me dizer mais alguma coisa para me lembrar dos meus 16 anos!