February 11, 2009

Lebou fishing vilage within Dakar, Senegal

I was told to visit this place by the seaside in Dakar, Yoff. Its a fishing village within the city and the people living here are from the african ethnie Lebou. koña, the young woman above came to say hello and asked me to draw her, a rare thing as women can be really shy.

I didn't draw the village itself but was more interested in all the activity that was going on infront of it in the beach. Horses were being washed and they would roll in the sand to dry themselves, others that were still attached to carts were picking fights. A man was selling "cola" nuts.

Children were approaching and asking to be drawn as well, like the twins on the left with their stylish hair cut or the little girls that kept going. Draw me ! draw me !

"pirogues" kept arriving with fish that was taken to the horse pulled carts. Some people protected themselves from the heat with big colorful umbrellas.

Woman will get the fish from the "pirogues" ( maybe their husbands or family) and put it in big buckets or cold boxes and they would start selling it in the beach. As the sun moved across the sky and the heat started to diminish more people started arriving looking to buy fresh fish.


  1. What a great journey through your drawings and words all of this is. I feel I have been invited to Yoff.

  2. Estos apuntes de aire libre y abierto, ambientados con el texto son una golosina! me encantan!! Yes, is true, like travelling from home!

  3. Ils sont très très jolies tes dessins et aquarelles. D'une grand finesse! j'aime bien! Merci par ton commentaire. eva