June 24, 2009

sketches from sketchcrawl

And finally the sketches from our sketchcrawl in a sandstorm, those first ones are mine with a view from the boats in the beach at the "Port de pêche artisanale", Sidi Yahya sketching and a lady filming the whole thing.

A view from the sketchers sketching and the onlookers.

The sea front with a chinese fishermen and a woman that had just bought her fish from one of the boats arriving so that she can go and sell it at a local market.

This one was blogged at urbansketchers a few days ago it shows one of the buildings built by the Chinese here in the port.
And now some drawings from some of the people that joined us.



Omar Ball http://www.mauritanie-decouverte.com/decouvrir/oumar_ball.html


And the youngest of all Marion a five year old sketcher.
You can find more sketchers, photos and sketches here.


  1. These all are very good.
    Thank you for posting them!

  2. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    Lindíssimos. Todos eles lindíssimos.

  3. Excelente! hermosa jornada para liberar la mente y dar rienda suelta a los sentidos, el hombre y el mar!, gracias por hacerme participe de tan agradable jornada y apreciar estos excelentes sketchs.

  4. Isto é uma maravilha!!!! :D
    Sou fã da minha prima!!!!!!!!!
    Parabéns pela iniciativa, participação e resultados! Estão todos de parabéns!!!! ;)