December 14, 2010

its a small sketching world

Mané the man on the left side is a friend of Enrique Flores, a sketcher whose work I admire. We met casually in a friends house in Nouakchott and because of sketching he already knew me as Enrique had mentioned my name.


  1. Sentimo-nos como se participassemos da cena. Bom Natal, Isabel.

  2. Great!!!
    I would like to be there..because the weater here is terrible!! I love so much the drawing head-board..! greetings, Ana

  3. I love how small the sketching world is, especially thanks to USk. I hope you did some sketching together too.

    Love the new banner.

  4. Me gusta mucho la corbata de Popeye :)
    Bom Natal.