February 22, 2012

Lodge du Maure Bleu, Diawling

 Matys learning about the tea ritual with Beidiya
Sylvie cooking the evening meal in her big tent

Wonderful two days at the "Parc National du Diawling". Birds and more birds, plenty of cows and camels (dromadaires), wild boars with their offspring and even a monkey not forgetting the big dinosaur like creatures lazing in the sun.
We slept at the Lodge du Maure Bleu in wonderful tents equipped with real beds and duvet covers, it was hard to get up early in the morning. And the food was delicious all prepared by Sylvie. 


  1. Muito bonito e com uma certa nostalgia.

    Ângela Piedade

  2. Very beautiful blog. And nice pictures.