March 06, 2012

box paintings

dining room
 sand storm
living room
With some horrible appliances in the wall needing to be hidden.  My box paintings, inspired in some of the patterns used to decorate leather work in Mauritania, was the best design solution I could find for Lucia's house.
Coming off the wall about 10 cm and having polished the wood so that the veins show, they're more an object than a painting. 
It was a very good exercise just before I start the new series of landscapes for my exhibition in mid September at the Institute Français in Nouakchott. 


  1. Lindo!
    Será cool, abstracionismo, geometrizante... mas muito melhor do que qualquer classificação.
    E cheio de vontade de ver os landscapes!

  2. Excelente solução. Os padrões são muito bonitos.

  3. Isabel : me gustan muchísimo estas tablas decoradas - que idea tan maravillosa! Y los patterns locales son fantásticos - me has inspirado.