July 18, 2009

elections day, Mauritania

Quick sketch done before going home after work. Ahmed Daddah political headquarters are just across from where I'm working. As it had been a quiet day in town as everything was closed for people to vote I wondered why they were gathering there.

They were putting up a stage with red carpet and chairs and big speakers. People would gather here with their leader to attend the first results from the voting. Its going to be a close race and unpredictable, as one men said to me while I sketched, political forecasts don't work here as things can change very fast meaning alliances.


  1. Tem algo de consolador ir tendo notícias de uma realidade tão distante... Ainda por cima com desenhos tão bonitos.

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2009

    Sempre muito bons; sempre muito instrutivos. Parabéns

  3. Hola Isabel!!
    Que bien que entraras en mi habitación nº7, es mutuo, también me encantan tus dibujos de viaje! Te enlazo ahora mismo. Oye? Eres de Mauritania? Que lejos! A ver si tengo oportunidad y te hago visita y te echo un duelo de retratos, jeje!

  4. Hola Isabel!
    Me hace gracia visitar blogs y encontrarme a gente que vive en África. Mi hermano está viviendo en Dakar y es un viaje pendiente que tengo que hacer en mi vida.

    Saludos desde Barcelona

    Elizabeth Sandoval


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