October 22, 2009

banner for Nouakchott's "Festival du Cinema"

 I was asked to make two 7 meter banners for the Cinema Festival organised by "La maison des cineastes", starting tomorrow in Nouakchott. The theme of the Festival is the "metissage" or the blend of cultures, as Mauritania's population is composed of  white and black moors and other African ethnies, Peuls, Wolofs, Soninkes and Bambaras.
 But when I got today to the "Ancien Maison de Jeunes", where most of the Festival is taking place, to take some photos, I discovered that maybe I should have visited the place beforehand as the distance was much shorter to the ceiling and the long paper roll had been cut by half...and placed side by side!


  1. What an honor and to have so many people see your work. Congratulations! The banners are wonderful!

  2. Fabulous banners - I love those decorated hands - but what a shame they were chopped in half!

  3. Maravilhoso trabalho de banners. Parabêns! :-)