January 06, 2010

Three days in Atar to meet Mado Grize

the interior patio with date palm trees in an old house in Atar

tea and cat

Mado Grize and Bernard Romy

Khalifa and Sidi

Khalifa at the ACHEMA nutrition center

I've just been in a three day visit to the town of Atar to meet Mado Grize a 76 year old Swiss lady who's running three nutrition centers for children, lending goats to divorced women with no income and with children and transforming plastic rubish bags and aluminium cans stay-tab rings into beautiful bags find the full story with more sketches here.


  1. Nam fava nem prenda, que a ASAE anda por aí!
    É sempre um gosto visitar estes teus desenhos.

  2. hi isabel, i am just starting to recognize that beautiful stories behind your drawings (that i already liked for their strong light, transparent colour and authentic attempt) - thanks a lot for sharing these on your blog (and thank you for leaving your encouraging comment on mine). cheers, rolf


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