August 17, 2010


 Meeting lots of great people in Lisbon thanks to my friend Ana Pissarra that manages to put me up to date in a week on what's going on in contemporary Art. On the left hand side, Rachel Korman, one of the founders of "CarpeDiem, arte e pesquisa"  (Art and Research) is an experimental platform within the scope of contemporary art.  The building they're in is an old Pombal Palace, just amazing.
Julia in the hand right side is an Italian architect that also sketches, Lisbon is inspiring her and the Lara and Filipa are also visual artists. Great dinner, the painting in the back is by Tiago Mestre.

 I walked a lot in Lisbon and being build over 7 hills you're always climbing or descending a steep hill. Its been one of the hotest summer in years and being close to the river was good. There are museums and Art centers and the famous "pasteis de Belém" a cream cake you'll die for.

 João Fiadeiro was doing a workshop on real time composition at RE-AL  and as I walked in he was already discussing the work with the a bunch of people from different nationalities and coming from different backgrounds (dancers, architects, visual artists).  I did a lot more sketches that I will post in the next few days.

 The electricity museum where we went to see an exhibition entitled "The People", " O Povo" in Portuguese, on the right hand side the outside of Gulbenkian museum where we went to see the work of Ana Vidigal an exhibition I enjoyed a lot, conceptual art without loosing its aesthetics, good for the mind and the senses.

 I've posted this drawings with no respect of its cronological order but I managed to draw one of the "quiosques" of Lisbon where you will only find vintage drinks and good coffee.

To finish, Leonor, a young 12 year old that was half asleep after lunch (close to the river) on a hot summer day, the colorful lines, she uses to make bracelets and hair plaits for her friends.


  1. These are great Isabel. Looks like a great trip.

  2. great great ... and the "pasteis de belem" !!!! you really could kill for ... I always remember them ;)

  3. I would definitely die for a "pateis de Belem"! Great sketches. Thanks for your comment on my blog and for following me.

  4. leonor est très réussie!

  5. Qué bonitos todos estos apuntes Isabel!
    como siempre me encanta la calidez de tus colores!


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