May 16, 2012

Soirée at the Fondation Malouma

Malouma mint Meidah, the poet Abdelkader from Boutilimit and Mr...
griots from every region of Mauritania
griots from the Southern regions
Malouma mint Meidah
I was extremely pleased to have been invited to the Malouma's event at her foundation.
She brought a musician from each region of the country from all the different groups ( moors and African ethnies) and together they played a mode called "Karr", you can read here in french a good explanation about the traditional music from Mauritania each musician interpreting it in a different way influenced by their regional area.
Malouma's music mixes other rythmes like blues but she wanted to show the traditional musicians how her way of interpreting comes from the same roots.
 I specialy enjoyed the voices of  Lalla mint Tenarmich and of Qadi, being a bit older they cover their mouths with their veils when singing. If you're enjoying the music don't miss this old recording with great singing by Jeich ould Sedoum ould Abba and the great dances of the two teenager girls.

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