January 24, 2017

Saphir d'Or, vinyl records in nouakchott

Mohamed Vall surrounded by his records at Saphir d'Or, Medina 3, Nouakchott
I came to the shop with the Senegalese photographer Ibrahima Thiam we were looking for one of the oldest Photo Studio.and ended up in a record shop.

Ibrahima has been for a couple of weeks in Nouakchott to try and find out who were the first Mauritanians that started Photographique studios in Nouakchott. documentation is scarse.

Most of the earlier photographers are gone and those surviving have left town or refuse to show their work if they're not being paid.

Ibrahima Thiam at Saphir d'Or, Medina 3, Nouakchott
Finding this record shop was a great thing because Mohamed Vall made as feel welcome and shared his stories of Nouakchott with us. Having been a keen photographer in his youth he had an album that we got to see and Ibrahima found enough documentation about the first Photographique studios in Nouakchott. These drawings were done today in our second visit as I wanted to get some music registered so I could listen at home.

Saphir d'Or opend in 1979 and is still going. What is now the only and perhaps was always the only music store in Mauritania. Records and tapes can be found most music dating from the 60's to the 80's. From all over the world, Flamenco guitar to Jimmy Hendrix, National Mauritania Orchestra or the houdou of Saidou Ba, Marvin Gueye or Abba.

There's a very god article written by Christopher kirkley from Sahelsounds (if you don't know the blog worth a visit) about the shop and Mohamed Vall in Brownbook with great photographs by Bechir Malum.

Mauritanie: l'une des plus grandes collections de vieux classiques réunis au Saphir d'Or


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