November 04, 2014

sketching Nouakchott with Lapin

talibés at 5émé

street view 5émé

donkeys resting at midday

Marché Charbon

Lapin sketching and us eating grilled fish

Thierno disguised as lion, 5émé

Having someone from outside coming to sketch your town makes you discover it with fresh eyes.

October 22, 2014

sketchcrawl in Nouakchott

Port de Pêche Artisanale 

Around 40 people showed up, lots of children.
Spent most of the time talking not much sketching.
We'll be doing it again.
Maybe we've new sketchers in town.

October 20, 2014

Sketching cars with ...Lapin

The thing about sketching with Lapin is that you sketch a lot more than you normally do. He hand is so curious about what surrounds him that you start looking with fresh eyes your surroundings and wanting to do and redo more drawings.
The other thing is his love for cars specially oldies and suddenly I, that don't care much about cars, have started sketching cars...and having fun even if in the final drawings my cars look like whales and sharks.
These sketches were done at the Port de Pêche Artisanale in Nouakchott. We were there to sketch the boats. We never reached the sea as we stayed in the parking until sunset.

lapin sketching a 4L 

Jakarta KTM and Peugeot 404

Peugeot 404, fish and ice

October 17, 2014

Sketching Nouakchott with Lapin

Lapin and Boubacar Medina 3

Medina 3, barber shop

Lapin and an old car

Festival de Poesie in the streets of Nouakchott

Djibril Zacharia Sall, poet and mauresque

Tahra hembara, ardine and poetry

October 04, 2014

Medina 3

the bike doesn't belong to the card seller.

September 16, 2014

Leila's Restaurant

Leila's Restaurant, Tevragh Zeina
Leila has a small restaurant where everyday she prepares a local dish for lunch.
 Tiep Bou Dien, rice with fish and vegetables, Mafé, white rice with meat in a peanut sauce, Yassa special sauce made with onions and lemon juice served with chicken or fish on white rice and a few more. like soupou kandje. (the links are to the recipes of this dishes if you want to try at home ).

September 13, 2014

bits and odds of a summer in Nouakchott

Chinese dinner- Hot Pot

meeting at Tfeila

Sangu Delle

Aissata Lam

Invisible Borders at Zeinart

Meeting new people, seeing Mauritanian youth doing things , meeting artists from other African countries, finding China in Africa, Japanese boat on the beach and the presence of law enforcement everywhere.

September 12, 2014

aniversários, 25 de Abril e bares

Capitão de Abril

Emissão rádio

Zé e Ana

Teresa e Fabrice com bigode


Ana na cozinha

Bar do Kim, Portimão

Bolan Bar, Alvor