May 29, 2015

a little friend of mine sick in Nouakchott

with his dad watching over him 

with nurse and female pediatrician in the back

it hurts he says but no crying

May 24, 2015

TED x Nouakchott at Cinema Galaxy

last details for slide presentations

light and speakers, public waiting 
LMK recording event, public

second speaker, the US Emb. Larry André on 'Objectivité'

The much loved presentation of Mr Sahuc the man that build Nouakchott laying the first stone in the 5th May 1958

Must say this young woman did shake the audience, Najwa Kettab is a sociologue

Dr Dia spoke of the difficulties of doctors (not only psychiatrist) of sharing patients with local practitioners and of empathy

Jean Marc Dignac, a passionate about environment and how to change our ways for a better world

Mr X, slammer, worth the wait to listen to him

portion of the text that Mr X read out to a enthralled audience or what was left of it
Find out more about TEDx Nouakchott in this article by MKL (french)

May 11, 2015

quick visit to Saint-Louis du Sénégal

view from Saint-louis Island towards mainland

mix page with horse carts and people communicating

the sacrifice beast 
collecting rubbish for re sale
A very quick visit Saint- Louis du Sénégal or Ndar its name in Wolof, a city not far from the Southern border of Mauritania.
During Spring, the city hosts 3 different Festivals, arts, jazz and Contemporary dance, all held between Mai and early June, attract visitors from Senegal and from Mauritania.
With plenty of choice to eat and sleep for all pockets and a beautiful atmosphere its the perfect place to visit.
Siki Hotel at Saint-Louis Island North

Restaurant La Kora, saint-Louis North

April 30, 2015


Hamadi Dia and his instrument  built by him.

Diego del Morao, flamenco

Malouma Meidah et Diego del Morao

April 14, 2015

around the IFM, Nouakchott

generation fin 90's à l'IFM

Arnaud Contreras et Catherine Ruelle

débat à l'IFM après le film Timbuktu d'Abderrahmane Sissako

April 13, 2015

streets of Nouakchott

Medina 3, joueurs de dames

âne et charette, Medina 3
en couleur
Michelin, Tevragh Zeina, Nouakchott

April 10, 2015

Nouakchott 2015

city center
advertising and rubish

March 10, 2015

The WA et Olabo à Zeinart, Nouakchott

The Wa et Olabo at work at Zeinart
Find a lot more about this great urban artistes at Zeinart.
And here is their travelling projet funded by Arte