January 26, 2019

Traversées Mauritanieds et Tahar Ben Jelloun

élèves du Lycée Theodore Monod, Nouakchott

Traversées Mauritaniedes nous propose chaque année des rencontres autour de la littérature avec des auteurs qui arrivent de toutes les coins du monde. Ces dessins sont faites au Lycée theodore Monod ou des élèves ont rencontré Tahar Ben Jalloun (Maroc/France) et Mariem mint Derwich (Mauritanie/France)

Tahar ben Jelloun
Les élèves avaient préparé des questions aux quelles les deux auteurs ont répondue. Ben Jalloun à parlé des Mil et une nuits et comme un écrivain écrit pour pas mourir....Derwich favorite des élèves du Lycée à parlé de son expérience comme femme grandissent dans une société claustrophobe utilisent les mots écrits/ la poésie pour s'exprimer.

élèves et fin de la session

December 05, 2018

El Medh à PK14 - AlJawhara

Invitation au dernière minute de la part de Mohamed Ali de Teranim pour aller jusqu'à P.K. 14 pour la fête de inauguration de Al Jawhara cérémonies. El Medh sera présente avec plusieurs groupes de chanteurs chaque un essayant de faire mieux que le précédente dans les chants de louange au prophète.

Une voiture plein de filles et on y va route de Rosso, Carrefour Bamako ... retour tarde la nuite avec du couscous dans la marmite pour les filles.

March 25, 2018

El Medh à Toujounine chez une Medahha

El Watania, Toujounine 
Neyfara/la flute
Far from the center of town in the neighborhood of Toujounine, Nouakchott. We're the guest of Mohamed Ali Bilal founder of Teranim, an independent culturel institution that promotes the culture of the haratines (old tributaires or ancient slaves and descendants)

flute, mains, tambour et voix
The Medh that we went to listen, is a special music of praise towards the prophet, sang by men and women. Drums, hand clapping,  voices and this special night someone playing the neyfara, the flute.

louanges au prophète

February 06, 2018

Karaoke, fête du printemps, répétition, conference toute à Nouakchott

Nobu depart with karaoke 

Chinese New Year show

music and dancing

Morin Khuur



January 11, 2018

Drawing the writers and the publique at Traversées Mauritanides

Marguerite Abouet et la classe de Cristelle 
le jeune publique

Au Racing Club

le publique

Every year, Traversées Mauritanides, creates a get together of writers from around the globe to come and talk about their work, to have discussions around a theme, to encounter students young and old and local writers but  most of all it tries to promote and encourage people to read.
and you can read all about it (in french) here

October 31, 2017

Pierre and Michele, France and Sihan, Tunisia (living in Nouakchott)

So many foreigners live and work in Mauritania. From a few months to a few years to a lifetime. Some being first or second generation.  Some come by choice others are life circumstances that brought them here others never wanted to leave or keep coming back. Let's draw them.

Fondation VGL, Mauritanie
Pierre and Michele they're retired but they choose to come to Mauritania every year for long months and work at Fondation VGL. They're responsible of labeling and cataloguing the whole collection of VGL. From postcards and photos to prehistoric pieces, from stamps to  chests and old jewelry.
VGL aim is to enhance, conserve and safeguard Mauritania's cultural and historical heritage for future generations.

Cup-cake Nkc
Sihan from Tunisia runs Cupcake (they've this beautiful page in facebook with all their sweets).
I don't know much about Sihan apart that she loves reading and that her pastry shop works as a book exchange place. But what I know is that is the best cake shop in town and she's well known for her cheese cakes.

October 24, 2017

Madame Yang's vegetable garden (living in Nouakchott)

partial view of the vegetable garden
 At zeinart we do a farmer's Market twice a month, we're in mid October and the three people that sell vegetables are still planting. Then someone tells me about this Chinese lady that has a vegetable garden growing in Sebkha. (a lot of neighborhoods have developed in areas were the land is under the sea level and salted water surfaces).
cutting the wood for poles

Lié and Yang preparing the wooden poles
 They were asked to come and do vegetable garden in Nouakchott for the Chinese community.
Madame Yang
 Madame Yang has now been 5 years or so in Nouakchott, looking for a better life. She was victim of an accident when she was 19 years old and lost the fingers of both hands. She has grey hair and a ready smile. Both are hard workers.

visitor and working under the sun
Both mornings I see a few Chinese and Koreans coming over to buy vegetables. This lady was well equipped to protect her skin from the sun rays.
They have done all the work of the garden themselves with the help of a local worker.
preparing the land for planting

October 22, 2017

using brush and/or nibs ink or watercolor



turkey holding his breath


young boy