January 08, 2009


In Mauritania sitting higher than the floor is quite a recent activity during centuries the natural way was to sit on the floor or to rest in an elbow while laying on the floor or just assume a position laying down, touching the toes of one foot is common and quite relaxing but not proper in a female.

So, contrary to where most of you live, I live in a country where, rest, relaxing and absolutly doing nothing but staring at nothingness is not seem as something negative (lazy) but actually cultivated.

People go about their chores but if they have a moment they regain the contact with earth and when they sit in chairs I'm sure they find it highly unconfortable.

A Mauritanien friend that visited Europe last summer, commented to her friends on arrival about a party she was invited to in a beautiful garden, with plenty of nice things to eat and drink but (the horror!) people stood up from 8pm until well past 1am.

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