April 28, 2013

Haidara Mauritanian artist

Hussein Haidara in his studio
Hussein Haidara its having his first solo show on the 7th Mai at the IFM in Nouakchott. Sculptures and paintings are being shown. Haidara's materiels are recycled mostly from nature, his sculptures have as their final layers different parts of the date palm tree.
 His work turns always around the notion of evil and the capacity of men to do violence toward others for political, religious or racial motifs.


  1. É sempre uma viagem magnífica a visita aos teus fantásticos desenhos.

  2. Just landed on your site and I must say that you do beautiful work. I went through each post from beginning to end and learned so much about Mauritania

  3. Greetings Isabel. It has been much too long since I wrote to you. "Dancing In The Refugee Camps" is still my very favorite, but I am glad I had a chance to return to your blog. Believe me, everyone here on the US East Coast does not walk and Iphone at the same time! I will forward you a new e-mail address.