January 31, 2009

table selling

Dakar, Senegal
Every city in the world has its street sellers, West Africa is not an exception, but all seems more colorful and exotic than in europe. Home made tables from bits and pieces of found timber or metal are assembled and put together to be used as stands. Food is sold from them or drinks, vegetables and in Nouakchott meat is sold some places having tables almost side by side.
Above is Saramba selling sandwishes and white coffee, a very popular drink even on hot days.
Zeina sells vegetables in the Boulevard de la Republique, don't forget the number, 22, she told me as there are a lot more sellers in this big street. Behind her is a "talibe", a small boy that begs in the streets so he can contribute to his Coranic teacher needs, mainly they beg for food and they're supposed to be taught the Koran.

Praia, island of Santiago, Cape Verde
These two ladies and gent are selling biscuits, soft drinks and water close by to the hospital at Praia, capital of the Island of Santiago in the archipel of Cape Verde.

Nouakchott, Mauritania
And here we're back in Nouakchott, tables are lower so women can still sit on the floor and if it's quiet just lay down and have a nap, this small table has half a dozen of small tomatoes, a few carrots and potatoes and two plastique containers with sweets. In the markets sometimes you even see tables with less items to sell.
On the contrary tables runned by men might be higher. On the left they're selling dates in the middle there's a bucket full of lettuce, those are always sold by woman and the man standing is buying some meat. Meat tables are usually at this level and always runned by men.


  1. Resolvi responder aqui ao teu amável comentário. Realmente o meu amigo Zé também está a fazer um sketch. É uma espécie de ritual nosso. As nossas mulheres, filhos e amigos já sabem que, no café ou em qualquer passeio à saída têm de esperar que um de nós acabe um desenho.

  2. I like these very much Isabel. I feel as thought I am being invited on a trip to shop at these vendor's stands. The quick sketch quality adds immediacy to the scenes

  3. Tenho acompanhado o teu trabalho através do urban sketchers. Excelente. Envolvente.

  4. thank you all for your comments

  5. OI, navegando cheguei ao seu blog. Lindo o seu trabalho!!! Fiquei muito encantada!!! Parabéns!