March 29, 2009

from Nouakchott to Portimão in 9 days

The bus I got a lift from in Mauritania with Patrick and Sophie and their children Lena and Max and a young friend of theirs Hugo.
They come twice a year to Nouakchott as they've created a NGO that helps a village in Senegal.

We crossed all of Western Sahara fast, the distances from town to town are enormeous the whole area is heavily patrolled by the Moroccan army and you see more Moroccans than Saharawis.

The first town in Morocco we really stop in Morocco is Safi.

First night we don´t sleep in the bus but stay at Mokhtar home, a friend from the family.

In the morning we visit the potters neighbourhood.

And the old "medina".

Selling fried fish sandwishes.

Lena loves horses so anywhere Patrick sees any horses he stops even if only for 5 minutes.

Second real stop was in Fez and there you really wish you can stay for long and on your own so much to see and draw.

The famous smelly tanks where the animals skins becomes workable leather.

We sleep outside Fez at El Ouafi house where he lives with his mum and two sisters.

We were spoiled there with good food and a beautiful wood close by.

El Ouafi works as a guide but he took a day off to show as Meknes the Imperial city.

And we parted in Fez as they were going to the mountains and I had to get to Portugal.

Waiting to board the boat to Algeciras.

Lunch at Sevilla before getting the bus.

And the last bit one hour by train from Faro to Portimão.
To find out more about the Saharawis and Western Sahara situaton visit my blog


  1. Wow, you did so much! I'm going to have to come back and spend lots of time at this post. Welcome back!

  2. thanks Laureline I'm also having trouble catching uo with all the work you'll been doing

  3. great to see you back. What a fascinating story of events you've depicted.

  4. Grande viagem. É uma daquelas que gostava de fazer. Mas com tempo. Já fui a Marrocos algumas vezes mas nunca passei de Fez.