March 10, 2009


This afternoon I'll be trying to enter the Olympique Stadium at Nouakchott where there will be Abdelazize, the President of Mauritania since the "coup d'état" of last August, SidiAbdallai the ancient president and the forces of opposition plus the honour guest the Head of the African Union, Kadafi, if I get in I'll sketch and post it at Urbansketchers.
Otherwise I'm leaving tomorrow by bus to Portugal, around 3.000 km crossing Western Sahara, Marocco and a bit of Spain and expect to take 10 days. The bus a bright yellow one belongs to a french family that drive down a couple of times a year to do some humanitary work in a village in Senegal.
Hopefully I'll sketch as I go so for a while there won't be any posting.
I post this images from my last visit to Portugal. I hope to be back in a couple of weeks with new drawings from my trip, thank you all for visiting and commenting.


  1. Wow!! These are really nice, especially the complete scenes and views

  2. I love the sketches, especially the storks on the chimney. I wish you a good trip to Portugal! It will be a long journey...

  3. Isabel, please visit my blog, I nominated you for the James Parker award. You can read about it there

  4. Isabel,
    Have a safe journey back to Portugal. Thanks for sharing your amazing images!

  5. You must be nearing the end of your journey - I'm so looking forward to seeing the sketches - I've been missing them!

  6. and so??
    Estás ya de vuelta Isabel??
    Se echan en falta tus post!! :-)

  7. Hola Isabel.
    He estado mirando tus dibujos y me
    encantan las escena tradicionales de saharahuis que tienes, sobre todo los cuadros del desierto.
    Espero que pases una buena estancia en Portugal.
    Un saludo.

  8. Oh, I like these so much, especially the stork nest one! Can't wait to see your new sketches!