April 09, 2009

nose operation

This post is dedicated to my doctor.

Most of these are people waiting at Hospitals or Health Centers.

I had a minor operation, one of the reasons why I travelled home and I had to have lots of examinations before to make sure everything else was fine and then you have to sign this paper that if anything goes wrong and you die you take responsability.

So I had to do lung x-ray, heart thing (above) and I don't know what else.

The Dr that operated me has a reputation for really loving the "knife", that is for cutting bits off noses, throats and ears. But he is a great expert and a very human person looking up to his patients as people and not numbers and working long hours everyday.

My operation went fine. He put my the inside of my nose back straight and now I can breath again from both nostrils. It had gone sideways years ago when it got hit by my surf board.

I looked quite fine after the operation and my nose is just that little bit swollen. He had to hit the bone as it was twarted as well. those things on the side layed on my nose for a week and were the most uncorfatable part of all but as he popped them out I felt like a new woman, just hope that my smell will became double the strenght of before!!
Good Easter all and hope to see some of you for sketchcrawl Saturday at Largo Camões, Lisbon at 3 pm.


  1. Wow! What an experience, I hope you get well soon. The drawings are marvelous. And are you still surfing?

  2. This is the sort of operation that you would not wish just any doctor to perform. I really hope that everything falls back into place soon and that the pain goes away soon.

    I hope that you had a good visit home!

  3. Ouch!!! I have a deviated septum too but not as bad as yours. Very interesting sketches from the experience.

  4. O segundo desenho fez-me lembrar alguns da Frida Kahlo

  5. Ow, that sounds painful - great sketches though, and I think knowing how to surf must make up for some of the pain (something I always wished I could do). Hope you're recovering quickly!

  6. Ainda bem que correu tudo bem.Espero ver-te em breve...Belos desenhos.


  7. Thank you all for your messages I haven´t been able to use the net in my visit to Lisbon (just a little tiny bit) the nose operation was a piece of cake as people told me such horrid things that I was expecting ... and it went all well and quite without pain just a bit unconfortable, lots of things to post hopefully tomorrow, and I haven't surf for a long time now. Isabel

  8. may I warn you taht the problem can recur after 2 years....

  9. Espero que ya estes completamente recuperada!!