April 17, 2009

Sketchcrawl in Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful city still full of old neighbourhoods with plenty of things to catch your eye , plenty of dogs poos , as well, but then its not a perfect world.
Started sketching in the morning on my own and managed this two sketches around S. Bento before joining my two girlfriends for lunch.

I had made a call for sketchcrawling in Lisbon and the meeting place was Praça de Camões at 3pm. We were nine people in all.
we were joined by three urbansketchers
Richard Camara http://richardcamara.blogspot.com who was visiting ( he is portuguese but lives inSpain).
There were two girls and a young man but they didn't show up later at the meeting point, so I don't know who they were.

Some of the square seats were occupied by sketchers, others by people reading or resting, sun was up and the air chilly. ( freezing for my standarts!)

Richard Camara sketching and a church door in Praça Camões.

Ana had just come to take some photos and see who would show up and ended up buying a sketchbook in an art shop and having plenty of fun , borrowing everybody's pen's and watercolors.

Went to this gallery where a friend of Ana works and we all ended up sketching the show. I chose to draw an image of a screaming child while Monica chose to draw a face on the ritus of orgasm drawn in a bed sheet.

This was the last sketch of the day before meeting up to check our drawings and to have the extreme pleasure of having someone else's sketchbook in our hands.

Ana, Monica and I decided to end the day with a nice dinner and a play. We went to see William Shakespear but it was so dull that Monica and I spent the whole play ... SKETCHING!


  1. It was great to meet all the wonderful sketchers, and this post is really good!
    Hope you call some more sketchcrawls in Lisbon.

  2. Deve ter sido mesmo muito bom!
    Espero conseguir ir ao próximo!

  3. Wow! So many pages filled up! Good work :D

  4. These are great, particularly the sketches of the play.

  5. Finalmente. Ainda não tive tempo de investigar o forum. Preguça...

  6. Olá Isabel, em resposta à visita com comentário, eu conheço os USk portugueses. Pessoalmente o J. Louro, pela net os outros.

    E também venho aqui diariamente, simplesmente porque gosto muito. Seja em Nouakchott ou em Lisboa...


  7. You posted some great sketches and love that you ended the day drawing at the play. A true skethcrawl. Thank you for your comment about my sketchcrawl. I have enjoyed visiting you blog and will be back for my coffee breaks.