June 02, 2009

Western Sahara refugee camps

 feeding the camels

evening drink, trying to warm up




 January 2008, I spent 5 weeks living in the refugee camps of the Saharaouis at Tindouf, Algeria.
Those women, men and children became my friends. I was there to draw the women and their activities in the camps, running schools, health centers, coops etc.
 The courage and the determination of this people even after spending 33 years in the camps waiting for a solution, its impressive. Morocco occupied their country as the Spanish left this colony in 1975. United Nations has from as far as 1974 been saying that the western Sahara should decide by referendum of their future... too many economical interests and a strong adversary have kept this people waiting in the refugee camps at Tindouf,  in Western Sahara where they're now a minority due to the colonisation of the area by Moroccans and spread a bit all over the world. To find more about them you can check the diary of my stay here.


  1. Me encanta el camello Isabel!!
    Y qué interesante las historias que nos cuentas... Me siento tan ignorante acerca de África!
    (conste, no te olvidé! tuve mucho lío estas semanas pero este finde me pondré a responer tu "test de identidad" ;-)
    Un abrazo,

  2. Your true and natural drawings will be remembered long. Your works have your own special personality. Great!

  3. AnonymousJune 26, 2009

    Espectacular como sempre! Beijinhos da Xana

  4. Muy buen trabajo! Eres una gran artista, ademas con un corazon adorable. Lo que cuentas sobre los refugiados saharauis es emocionante y ademas ilustrado de buena manera.
    Gracias y animo!