July 12, 2009

Albert Casals

This young man of eighteen in the wheelchair is called Albert Casals. He's been travelling since the age of 14 on his own and with a budget of 3 euros per day.
Last night he slept at Auberge Sahara where I'm working for a while substituting my partner that went for a visit to France.
The first thing I said to him as he was getting ready to leave this morning was:
- Can I draw you?
He said yes. He was in no hurry to get anywhere he said so I did this sketch.
And then he left on his way to Rosso and Senegal. I looked for him in the net and you can find about him here and in Spanish here you should check the Spanish link just for his photo as that's how he looked this morning just with the blue almost faded having instead a blond head with bits of greenish strands.
Later I regretted not having had thought about asking him to stay.I do know where handicapped children play basket and I'm sure they would have loved to meet him.
He makes us people aware of the limitations we put to ourselves and to our happiness.


  1. Wonderful sketch. I appreciate your story and you lesson.

  2. AnonymousJuly 13, 2009

    Neste blog há muito para beber!

  3. Your sketch has so MUCH life. It is alive and your line work flows with sensitive energy on this piece. It really works. I enjoyed the story.