July 26, 2009

landscape sketches

Azougui, Adrar

Terjit, Adrar
One of my blogger friends posted today some landscapes he did on his visit to Mauritania in 2004. You can see them here.
Those I'm posting where done a couple years ago when I worked as an interpreter for 4 days taking two Spanish men to the region of Adrar.
Pepe and Chiqui work for the Parque Nacional de DoñAna in Spain and had come on a visit to the Parc Nacional du Banc d'Arguin. They're also full time photographers.
They decided to visit inland Mauritania against the clock.
We kept stopping for photos and I tried as best as I could to sketch as fast as they took photos.


  1. preciosas ilustraciones; yo pude hacer muy pocas a color, .. que curioso, yo también viajé a Mauritania precisamente en enero de 2004. También te diré que conozco a Chiqui desde hace mucho tiempo, ha sido compañero de la Estación Biológica de Doñana durante bastantes años, mientras yo trabajé allí. Saludos.

  2. Preciosos sketches!!!!
    y muy buen dibujo!

  3. Sometimes speed is an asset. These are rich sketches and love the variety of values in the b&w work.