April 19, 2010

smoking and tents

I'm a non smoker. Can you just imagine this dinner in a windowless room with shimering disco walls but the food was great, José!

Draw me, said the little girl, Awa.
So I did her in my sketchbook and again in a piece of paper she found so she could take it home. Her and her three friends.
 I was sketching the "twiza", group of women that get together to do a work, here they were sewing the sides of a tent someone had just bought.
If you're looking for a Mauritanian tent , these ladies have their place just close to the Moroccan Mosque.

Vitor and José some of the few Portuguese living in Nouakchott.


  1. Wonderful sketching, Isabel. Thank you for sharing the stories too.

  2. You are right Isabel, your ladies in Mauritania look like my ladies here in Sudan. I love the painting of them sewing, which you have done here.

  3. Parece que os portugueses estão bem representados na Mauritânia.