January 16, 2011

Marrakech people

Jema'a el Fna, the famous square in Marrakech where you'll find thousands of people drifting around and checking the performances or having dinner at all the many food stalls that are put up and taken down each evening.

Hicham asked to be drawn. In his hand he held two wooden boxes that as you open a wooden snake pops out, he's trying to sell them. When I finish he gets his mp3 from his pocket and asks if I can added it to the sketch. -And don't forget to add the pink into my sport suit he says as he leaves! 

 Odds and bits from my bedroom window.
The monkey man and a quite corner inside the Medina.
 The friends of Hicham that also wanted to be sketched and the drummer boy that got himself and myself into trouble when one of his companions caught me sketching on his request. The man thought I would be making money from my sketch and started screaming his head off. When the drummer said he had asked for it the other started pushing him around and told me he was going to fire him... all ended well. I didn't pay for my sketch and the drummer didn't get fired.
Casablanca airport waiting to board our flight,.
My paper is coming off so weird in my scans that I did a bit of playing with photoshop in the previous images.


  1. These, and your New Year sketches, are so wonderful Isabel, such atmosphere and I love how you engage with people. I dread having such misunderstandings about money with people that I sketch!

  2. Variados e belíssimos desenhos!