February 28, 2011

Portrait of Ditte

Sometimes there are people I just need to draw and I'll be as rude as to say - wait I need to sketch you. 
Why ? Not that easy to answer but probably they carry something I would love to capture.

Photographer and film maker Ditte, check her site for her powerful subjects portraits, came to say hello as she heard there was a Portuguese in Nouakchott, she felt "saudades" ( nostalgie) of the language she learned as a young girl in Mozambique. In Mauritania making a documentary about the clandestines trying to reach Europe.
Her short films on her site shouldn't be missed.


  1. Beautiful portrait! Love how you've brought in those cool colors into her face and arms. And the patterns. Just wonderful. I'll check out her work. Thanks!

  2. Isabel, this is a lovely and powerful portrait.