March 03, 2012

Tahra mint Hembara, music and Tabous

 Tahra mint Hembara with Steve Shehan
 Tahra mint Hembara
 Playing in R'Gueiba
The traditional "tbol" of R'Gueiba
Tbol and chorus

Tahra mint Hembara, the greatest ardine player in Mauritania, gave a concert in one of the villages of the Banc d'Arguin last year. That's where I first met her. She played with Steve Shehan as part of a project to valorise the culture of the" Imaraguen", the inhabitants of the fishing villages of the National Park of the Banc d'Arguin.
Today Tahra is again in the news but for her comments to the Press on "violence against women" declaring herself a victim and speaking loud about one of the many tabous of the society she belongs to. 
She has made a special song that she will be playing during the big march that's being organised in Nouakchott by the civil society for women's day, the 8th March.


  1. Gorgeous images. Your lovely vivid colors, and spontaneous marks and washes bring the event to life.

  2. Qué bonitas Isabel! Y como siempre me encanta el alegre colorido! Pues vaya la que se arma en el día de la mujer allí, eh? aquí casi ni te enteras!