October 12, 2012

street market, Assilah

street wares for sale
For 5 days I was able to travel to the beautiful town of Assilah to sketch with Spanish sketchers and students from the Art school of Tetouan. Thanks, Inma Serrano ( click on her name to dicover her beautiful way of sketching) for inviting me and to Three Cultures Foundation for making possible this meeting of Andalusian and Moroccan artists.
This view is from the town of Assilah outside the walls of the old Medina in the old Spanish neighbourhood. After having drawn the eviction of street sellers in the markets of Nouakchott it was a pleasent surprise to see how in this city in Marocco you can just put a cloth on the floor , stall your goods on it, new or used and sell them to the passers by. For people in low incomes or with no work its a decent way to try and feed their family at the end of the day.

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