September 16, 2014

Leila's Restaurant

Leila's Restaurant, Tevragh Zeina
Leila has a small restaurant where everyday she prepares a local dish for lunch.
 Tiep Bou Dien, rice with fish and vegetables, Mafé, white rice with meat in a peanut sauce, Yassa special sauce made with onions and lemon juice served with chicken or fish on white rice and a few more. like soupou kandje. (the links are to the recipes of this dishes if you want to try at home ).

September 13, 2014

bits and odds of a summer in Nouakchott

Chinese dinner- Hot Pot

meeting at Tfeila

Sangu Delle

Aissata Lam

Invisible Borders at Zeinart

Meeting new people, seeing Mauritanian youth doing things , meeting artists from other African countries, finding China in Africa, Japanese boat on the beach and the presence of law enforcement everywhere.

September 12, 2014

aniversários, 25 de Abril e bares

Capitão de Abril

Emissão rádio

Zé e Ana

Teresa e Fabrice com bigode


Ana na cozinha

Bar do Kim, Portimão

Bolan Bar, Alvor