January 05, 2016

Ouadane sans Festival de Villes Anciennes II

Mobile dentistes were present for a week and young and old came everyday to solve their problems. The mobile unit is part of the program run by the ONG Le Sothiou - unité dentaire mobile , an Italien touriste which is a dentiste also helped out as an assistant. While the dental unity at the medical Center of Ouadane is not equipped to do a lot of work, the Small bus from the ONG is ready to do any kind of operation.

Dr Baidy Lô and Dr Anami Villa at the medical center of Ouadane 
Dr lô, Dr Villa and assistant Baba in the mobile dental bus.
Armel was another of the visitors we met at Ouadane he was travelling with his mother and really enjoying the trip.

Armel from Vesoil
Another visitor was Hayou, she came from the town of Zouerate to see the Festival and ended up helping her cousin Zaida in the kitchen of the Auberge Vasque.

Hayou from Zouerate

preparing the onion sauce

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