December 18, 2016

Travelling across the Sahara, sharing time with the nomads

Jean-Pierre Valentin, Dires Nomades à Nouakchott
The French ethnographe, Jean-Pierre Valentin came to Nouakchott to talk about the Sahara desert and spending time with nomadic/pastoral groupes like the Tuaregs, the Moors and the Mbororo (Fulani). Crossing enormous areas through Mauritania, Mali and Niger by car or by camel caravan. He documents his work through photography and film and you can find excerpts in his website.

Time and space loose their boundaries and silence and the magique of sounds became magical. listening to him the small groupe of people attending the event was spellbound.

Solli Ladde (2012) : "Les oiseaux de la brousse" avec Tibé, jeune chanteuse wodaabe et les arrangements musicaux de Boris Lelong, sur des images - montées par Boris - du documentaire de Jean-Pierre Valentin "Niger, dans les pas de Kabo Ana"

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  1. Fiquei enfeitiçada com esta reportagem!Adorei as imagens, o vídeo e toda envolvência temática, para mim desconhecida.Obrigada Isabel!