January 22, 2009


I'm having an exhibition on monday, 26th january here in Nouakchott in a small gallery owned by two friends. There I'll be showing 10 lanscapes, acrylics on paper mounted on board. More than real views they're my impressions.

Those one's are 40 x 20 x 4 cm but I'm presenting other sizes, sometimes I'll use photographs I've taken to help me with details other times I just let go not caring for the real. I love to see different people recognising different places.

We suffer frequently from sandstorms and that comes through in my paintings.

The first and this last are viewsfrom the national park of the Banc d'Arguin by the seaside, where the desert meets the Atlantique. http://isabelfiadeiro.uniterre.com


  1. Beautuiful wonderful widelandscapesmoods!!!

    It shows you know these places you paint too well!

  2. Thank you adebanji for your comment I love the desert and every opportunity i get I'll get out of town and immerse myself in those landscapes that saw the birth of the three monoteist religions... you really feel small and umble facing the desert

  3. que ótimo!!!! muito bom o blog, gosto das aquarelas. As cenas do cotidiano representadas com simplicidade e força. muito bom mesmo!! vou adicioná-la em meus links para eu sempre dar "uma passada por aqui". Eu tenho o perfíl no flickr a pouco tempo e ainda acho complicado "navegar" por ele.
    obrigado pela visita!

  4. Love your drawings, for some reason you are my first and only hit on the African continent.

  5. Terrific landscapes. The very subtle transitions of color feel like luminous abstract paintings to me. The barren land gives the image an iconic meditative quality.

  6. Isabel - thanks for visiting my site. Likewise, I didn't know you had a blog yourself - your paintings are incredible. You really capture the vastness very well.

  7. thank you all for your comments we're all learning from each other


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