June 28, 2011

Mauritanian music for my exhibition in Lisbon

Today I met Chris from Sahelsounds ( a blog you should visit if you like music). He did a sample of musical field recordings that I will play during my exhibition at the Paula Cabral Art Gallery .
See previews post for more details. Opening night friday 8 of July at 7 pm, all welcome !!!
There will be electric guitar music, bird sounds, road sounds, Koranic recitation and people speaking as the musicians play at a wedding. For us who live in Mauritania this music represents the sounds of the country.

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  1. Hi Isabel
    I hope this finds you well. Listen, we would like to use this picture for a podcast that we did about and with Chris on norient.com ... we would put your name under it. What do you think? Thanks for coming back to uns!
    Best, Thomas (contactATnorient.com)


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