August 13, 2017

Malagrafica, museos de Malaga

I was invited by Malagrafica ( Patrizia Torres, Luis Ruiz et Javier Rico of Urban sketchers Malaga) to do a workshop in their city - Malaga - last April/May. Three other sketchers were invited  Stefano FaravelliJorg Asselborn and Juan Maria Josa.

Before travelling I discover that the city is full of museums and art centers and immediately I thought about holding my workshop in one of them.  For me sketching in galleries and museums is a very good way on taking notes on artists whose work I want to check but also to register the behaviour of onlookers. The workshop was based in quick sketches trying to get the volume and size of the works in relation to the onlookers. Quick notes with references to the artist or to the work.


Stefano Faravelli  (check this link for his sketches of Madagascar) also proposed a workshop in the museum of Malaga and we were supposed to do compositions using the different scripts and alphabets of the collections.

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