October 24, 2017

Madame Yang's vegetable garden (living in Nouakchott)

partial view of the vegetable garden
 At zeinart we do a farmer's Market twice a month, we're in mid October and the three people that sell vegetables are still planting. Then someone tells me about this Chinese lady that has a vegetable garden growing in Sebkha. (a lot of neighborhoods have developed in areas were the land is under the sea level and salted water surfaces).
cutting the wood for poles

Lié and Yang preparing the wooden poles
 They were asked to come and do vegetable garden in Nouakchott for the Chinese community.
Madame Yang
 Madame Yang has now been 5 years or so in Nouakchott, looking for a better life. She was victim of an accident when she was 19 years old and lost the fingers of both hands. She has grey hair and a ready smile. Both are hard workers.

visitor and working under the sun
Both mornings I see a few Chinese and Koreans coming over to buy vegetables. This lady was well equipped to protect her skin from the sun rays.
They have done all the work of the garden themselves with the help of a local worker.
preparing the land for planting

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