July 24, 2009

street seller and Obama's message

This is an old sketch but today I feel like Abdou Karim. I'm just sitting and waiting for clients to

arrive to Auberge Sahara where I'm substituting Hermann for a month and a half while he's taking a break in France.
Contrary to Abdou Karim that walks around town searching for buyers I just stay at the Auberge. Today is the first quiet day since I've started so that I managed to read Obama's 11 July speech at Accra,Ghana.
He starts with "... Africa's future is up to Africans."
Unfortunately his speeches don't seem to get much airing. So here in Mauritania young people that represent the future of the nation might not even be aware he visited the Continent.
He also says in his speech "Africa doesn't need strongmen, it needs strong institutions."
Well American President does deliver the best speeches ever, connecting with people and making their dream of another way of doing things and living.
For most Mauritanians that have just seen the "coup d'état" General take his place as a elected President. A strong man is what this country needs as if all its inhabitants where not much more than a bunch of young mischievous children!
How can you instill in people a sense of responsibility on their own destiny?
Something wrong with those typeset but don't seem able to correct it!!

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  1. Interesting post, .. a few days ago, I started a series of posts about my travel to mauritanie in 2004, I thought that maybe it will be interesting for you. Regards.