August 04, 2010

Portland, meeting some urban sketchers

 Well I forgot to say but I went to Portland to the first Urban Sketchers Symposium and I was one of the presenters. Early in the morning we would met and you can see Gabi , the founder of urbansketchers opening the morning session, Kurt Hollomon, that teaches at the PNCA, Tia that came from Singapore and myself.

  Trying the new watercolor box given by our sponsors.

  Giving a lecture about sahara, sketching women and my paintings.
And the nine presenters that came to Portland from all over the world each with its own way of looking at the world through drawing.
Simo Capecchi from Italy, Jason Das from Brooklin, Tia from Singapore, myself from Mauritania, Mathew Brehm from Moscow, Idaho, Veronica Lawlor from New York, Gabi Campanario from Seattle, Lapin coming from Barcelona and Pr Frank Ching from Fremont. It was an enormeous pleasure to meet you all and to be able to see your sketches for real and to be with all the sketchers that joined us for this first 3 day Symposium. See you all next year in Lisbon.


  1. Isabel, It was wonderful to meet and spend a little time with you in Portland. Your sketchbooks were so beautiful to see in person. I hope you enjoy the little book I gave you and to see you next year in Lisbon. I'd better start learning some Portuguese, eh?

  2. Espero poder estar presente no de Lisboa, quando houver uma data prevista, avisa, certo? Um abraço.