February 19, 2009

craft portraits 2

This portrait from an old woman from the fishing village of R'gueiba in the National park of the Banc d'Arguin, was done a couple of years ago. I was interested in all the necklaces she was wearing and which I could see while she went about her daily activities. I asked to take a photograph and as she was getting ready for it, covering herself up and sitting upright, I told her that I really wanted to have her necklaces. She opened the veil for the photo and when back in Nouakchott I painted this portrait.

necklace woman, acrylic on craft paper, 1.22 x 0.92 cm

From all the portraits I've been doing since 2005 its the one I took further in a realistic way. I made a decision that that was not the way I wanted to go and that I rather do things that looked like a sketch or half finished.
But I didn't want to part with this lady, so I exhibit it in Nouakchott but didn't put her up for sale and she is now in Portugal in my mothers place.
For great photos of the exhibition at the French Cultural Center in Nouakchott check: www.thisfabtrek.com/journey/africa/mauritania/20061106-nouakchott.php


  1. I really like how you composed this painting. The way you designed the shapes are wonderful. Her personality really comes through.

  2. Great portrait with lots of fine detail. I also find your sketches on location to be exceptional. The journey those sketches present, along with the narrative you add is a very exciting experience.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your paintings.

  4. Isabel. Esto sí que es tener talento, regálame un poco. Un saludo


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